Hey there. My name is Alia N. I am an ordinary person with some dark secrets and some dirty secrets.
I view this world in a cynical world, call me a pessimist I won't care.
Not pretty nor beautiful just another normal girl with some issues. She happens to have a blog, what else can I say?

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I wanna move 2 kk, as soon as possible. ;)

10 reason why Alia Nabilla love Kota Kinabalu :

1) The scenary is to die for, seriously.
2) Ciggy are very cheap! (WONG THE THONG)
3) Enters a euphoria every time im with people here
4) People here are is 3 times crazier than KL people
5) Already found her group of people
6) Every day is a fucking holiday
7) Banyak tmpt boleh yam chai ;)
8) The clubs are is as awesome as KL's
9) The have a night life, to die for

Friday, December 25, 2009

Oh yea :)

Guess what, im leaving for KK today. Its a really weird story.
We werent suppose 2 go, cause of my stepdad's father condition. But since the operation went well, my mom n stepdad decided 2 go. For what reason? Who cares!

Best part yet, i have the whole bloody house 2 myself.

All THREE floors of the house. :)

Just how big the house is, as big as a school, bigger perhaps.

Wish my gf's was here, n we can camwhore all over the house :P

Misses my sayang : Elaine, Nat, Ani, Chibby, Kirby,Dilla :)

Merry Christmas n a Happy New Year :DD

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A sad sad sad story

Our trips to KK has been canceled. ( fountain pouring)

The other bad news is that my stepdad, father had had a cardiac arrest n is now in the hospital.

I hope he will be better, bt even if he does the trip is still cancelled. (-.-)

No shopping, no uderwater scuba, no sky thingy, no pictures. omg.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Carnival Du Freak

I dont want my blog 2 die because of tumblr, bt im to busy to give 15 min 2 it.

Yea, like thats an excuse. Anyways, will go KK in 4 Days :)

Man, bringing DSLR along. Wouldnt that be HUGE fun :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

When Boredom Strikes

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I have a TUMBLR!

Here is my link htttp://webbielove.tumblr.com

Follow! Follow! Follow! Folllow!!

Friday, December 18, 2009


Just thinking of writing a review for this movie, ald makes me excited.
Hands down, its the BEST CGI,SCI-FIC movie EVER!
I am not lying. Thru out the whole movie, my mouth was wide with awe.
It was so beautifully made. It had balanced on the story and on the plot.
Not to mention, values that are so meaningful and very deep. Very.
If u look it in another perspective, James Cameron has portrait human in a true nature.
And what human has lost thru out this 21st Century.
Which is the love of Mother Earth.
My dad said 2 me, "The best scifi in al long time. Its like watching star wars fr the first time"
So true!!

Their are sexy in their own blue way :)

Jake Sully n Neytiri

Rating: 10/10
Note to readers: Its a highly recomended movie off all times :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Zombieland made me Laugh :)

Apparently Zombieland came out in October. But in M'sia it came out December. So some of has, has watch millions of time before i did. So what? Im still doing the reviews.
I love Zombieland, for its blood shed and the smash head factor, literally.
Yes, i love violent movie. Gotta problem wit that punk?!

Will list them in my "Oh Viva La Violence!" list, which includes, Inglorious Basterds, Kill Bill and other.

So back to the movie, its not those typicals movies. But the movies, has those similarities to Planet Terror. Seriously, all movie lovers would agree.

Wasn't it a suprise, Abigail is in here. I love her so much :)

Ratings are 4.5/10

Brunei So Far?

I dont perefer like it. (I hate it!) But it seems its like a i have to. (I hate every bit of it)
Elaine said, "Its like an isolated island, somewhere, somehow" Oh yea. She got that right.
Really there is nothing much to do here, live in a big (HUGE) mansion, have as many cars n food u want, have drivers and helpers for any assitance. Really. It sounds like heaven.
Wait till u get bored of them. Then what 2 do??
Keep looking, n u wont find that many. I come here as little as possible. But please, any1 who thinks its a nice place 2 vacation. Damn, u must b an idiot.
Will b here till 25th of December, then will b in KK later on. (GOD BLESS U)

Loves from Alia N. : )

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Princess and The Frog

I am not a big fan of genre. Not really. Only when forced or asked then im ok. Oh yea, n free 2.

So currently in Brunei, and with my 2 small brothers.
Of kids, would like animation right?
My mom thinks its a good movie.
BUT, i dont dig musical animation.
Scratch that, im not a fan of any musical at all.
Yes, even Grease. I know JohnTravolta looks dashing in it.But who cares?
It might seem shallow, bt i think musicals are a bit gay. Yes, kids. GAY.
Got a problem with that. But 4 this animation is not that bad. Since its not so simple as it looks.
We heard, that when the frog kiss the Princess, he will turn into a prince.
But this movie, it has a twist.
Not an ordinary fairytale, indeed.
My ratings are 4.5/10 :)
p.s : Hate Brunei,misses KL alot. damn

Monday, December 7, 2009

Malaysian n Donations

I was looking for a subject to write. N then, it came to me. So there i was money-less, since i went crazy shopping in Rasta on Sunday. I got like 5 bucks in wallet, passed by a magazine shop. Wanted to buy a magazine, bt didnt since my grandad called me the minute i went 2 cash register. So I was like, "Urgh, mahal betul magazine2 sekarang"

So didnt buy the magazine la, then went to Santai. Sat there for a couple of minutes then saw this boy, he had the cutest face ever. So innocent. (Hope he stays that way when he grows up, innocent.)
He wore baju melayu, with jeans and songkok. Was holding a bag on his left shoulder, n a donation card.

He went to a 1st table, mutters something 2 a father with his family. N the family had like 6/7 members on the table including him. He ignored every word the kids says, n like tottaly halau the kid. My god. What an ass man.

Then he went to my table. I felt so guilty since i had only like 5 bucks. My my. So he said,
Him, Me
"Derma utk ....... kalau sumbangan pun boleh"


Then he starts to walk off.

"Jap jap, im so sorry tapi saya ada 5 ringgit jer. Nah"

He smiles n walk away, went to the next table.

So kesian the kid, people keep doing to kids. Dont they have any sense of humanity. I mean its like 9.30 pm stg, when the kids suppose 2 b relaxing or sleeping instead walking table to table to ask for donation. This kid had the saddest face ever, n i dont think kids should do this thing. Esp todays generation.

So much for maju eh? Right. God, n this is only a small piece of the world.

Yes, the world is fucking unfair.

N for people out there, is there any problem in taking out ur money n give it to the needy?

They NEED money, thats why they called them the NEEDY. Consiglo?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Screw No 35, is a good number.

Im getting no 36. So which one?

I like the ankle boots, so what say u : )

Rm 75

Rm 70

N nope, not telling u where im gonna buy it. Later u will take it away frm me :(

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Elaine Chooi :)

This is Dedicated to Elaine Chooi
(I know its late,but its never to late 2 say i love u aite?)

I'll go wherever,whenever,whatever it is u want me there.


I will bring u everywhere,anywhere in my heart n along with me.

The one with my secrets.


I will treasures ur secret forever

Whose pretty,charming, beautiful n sexy ;)

Rawr girl. Rawr

N yesh. I love u. :)

Happy Beleted 2 weeks Bday! :)

p.s: sorry sorry sorry sorry


Ok im so excited! I got my stupid damn line back. Bloody hell!

About DAMN time man! :)

Weee, so i got millions of things 2 update. Chill Alia Chill. *Taking deep breath*

1st thing first i bought the shoes n i got a very cute belt 2 :)

Omg, they look like a boot. Man trust me, they r sexy baby ;)

Elaine Chooi, did a montage on it. (haha) But i glad she did ;)

Next thing on the shopping list is this baby ;)

This makes me look slim kan.

Rawr ;)

So this is the shorter version, but what do u think? Long or Short?

2nd thing is my weekend in Singapore.
Mind me pictures are still with my aunty.

The trip was so-so. Since i had a short time, i didnt fully enjoy the place.
But what i can say bout the place is, its so beautiful!
Esp, Orchard Road. Since Christmas is coming the place is lit up with beautiful lights!

Oh yea btw, i personally saw OLI PETTIGREW!

He is so cute (gaga). Yes, Singapore bertabur dgn mamat comel. Oh yea baby.

But i was more excited coming back home, rather than going there.