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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another E.N

Another Hollywood Actor that deserves my respects
Kodos, to Edward Norton (E.N)

His first movie that i watch was Down In The Valley
Since that movie, i never got enough of the Hot N Sexy Edward Norton

He is brilliantly talented, in some cases his not some hot shot Brad Pitt
But he is a combination of Quentin Tarantino essentric ways,

And the talent of Johnny Depp combine man!

Or more

But congrats to you Edward Norton ;)
You r way awesome!

Something about different bout this guy, his not some stereotypical
guy that u always see. But this man, has some actually talent.

And on my experience watching movies (400 movies),
Its safe to say, Edward Norton is one of the best.

Kudos to you :)

p.s : will be posting some other brilliant actress/actor soon


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