Hey there. My name is Alia N. I am an ordinary person with some dark secrets and some dirty secrets.
I view this world in a cynical world, call me a pessimist I won't care.
Not pretty nor beautiful just another normal girl with some issues. She happens to have a blog, what else can I say?

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

I want to. (part 2)

I want to change my layout blog.

But it will be the 200th time i changed it.

Gosh, n im so lazy to edit everything back.

Oh fuck

Hari Rabu

Hari Rabu itu saya berjumpa dgn Hasifi!

Saya amat rindu dengan dia.

Saya belajar add math sama dia.


Thats sounds like a retard weh.

Anyways, lepas lepak dgn Hasifi.

Rush to see Dilla n Nat.

Omg. I miss her like crazy man.



Gosh. Dapat buka puasa dgn dia pun ckp la.

I miss Nat 2.

Guess what i wore?

Baju Kurung.


p.s : Marilah menuju ke keinsafan. haha

Friday, August 28, 2009

Its Best ;)

Its best when ur cooking with best friends ;)

So today, masak for buka puasa with Wani.

Gambar jer boleh la, kalau explain sendiri mcm malas pulak : )

When its time for the hollidays, of course WAJIB ada sleepover ngan Ani

So we decided nak masak for buka puasa.

Haha. Alia masak babe!

So we ended up cooking three dishes

Masak Lemak Cili Api, Sambal Udang n Ayam Perap.

Gmbr Masak Lemak tak adala. :(

Sambal Udang Ani. Sedap wooooo...

Aish, terliur lagi.

p.s : the whole family was blown away, ha. sapa cakap Alia Nabilla tak boleh masak!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I want to..

I want to :

to play.... SIMS!!




Monday, August 24, 2009


Esk dad ada flight to Hong Kong. (Oink Kong)

Wajib jaga rumah n the cats, oh yea some1 ask me out today.

Oh wee.

Hm but currently no comment la. :DD

Not ready for anything these days.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mr. Erwin Ng

Funny thing with this guy, he got the same initials as my ex.

Eddy Nazry - Erwin Ng.

Haha. But funny thing i love Erwin more ;)

No, his not a "new" boy toy. Yaw!

His er, my best pal. Yea pal.

Thats nice.

I miss Erwin like crazy.

Crazy man.

Gosh, when is he coming back ;)

It would be nice to hear his voice again. Shares stories with me.

I miss u la.

p.s : Thank u for everything, n i mean everything. xoxo

Friday, August 21, 2009


Yea esk puasa ppl.

Get ready to starve to death. Haha.

Just kidding. So couple of things in my head now.

I think some1 in my class likes me, haha i got no idea.

But yea. Or maybe i perasan terlebih jet kot

Who wants a pig like me anyways. Oink.

Oh by the way, err remind me to blog bout uncle's new house

Its nice, thats my point.

Missed school today cause of yesterday. Haha alasan.

I miss my whore fam.

Oh, the random convo.

Anyways, happy puasa n ramadhan n a start of something we been waiting for.

Oink. Signing Out. Oink

Love u. ;)

i'll miss you.

Today is the start of their life.

Sweet sweet life.

Haha. Wish u the best n im gonna miss u. ;)

Will post something n pictures about them moving out.

I mean my uncle n aunt la. ;)

esk esk. Masa kat subang.

Ok. This Piggy is signing out.

Esk stupid subject, PJ

Monday, August 17, 2009

"His Alive, Its A Miracle!"

"Its Alive and its a Miracle!"

Its a
miracle what grandads can do to ur spec k,

Updates for today:

Had Fun In Exam, Wan fixed my spec and hm i ordered 25 _________.

Today was crazy, the
whore family as usual was being crazy.
It was fun!
Laughed my ass of. Gosh. Told Chibby bout the best convo ever
and in return she continued the saga of the "
Ball Scrathcer"
Guess what people? They
DO have part three.

Wong the Thong pulak, saw my
two end pencil. Its a pencil with two leads.
She immediately said
"Oh my god! A two way Dick!"
Oh yea.

Remember my jacked up specs?
It was ok! When i open the car door, the spec was doing ok.
I cried
"It was a Miracle", non stop.
Haha. On the other hand, my
grandad went all "Im an engineer right?"
Gosh, he can really brag.

Oh what else? Oh yea. Ordered something nice for everyone.

N btw, webbie with
Rindu bangat deh sama lo ;)

p.s : oma. stands for oh my anus. haha. bodoh kan?

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Ok ok. This is stupid. But i just need some comfort.

I sat on my own spec.

What happens to a spec when a pig sat on it?


Bingo. See that whole. Oh yea. And its screwed like shit

Im broke and i need 1000 things to buy.

So now, im clicking on any website that offers me money

Anything written"WIN RM...."

Oh im gonna click till i get there man.

This piggy is dead.


I cant even see this letters. Shit.

Dr. Wilson

Wilson: House, this is bad. Bad things can happen to you. Comma,Severe pain, death or worse!

House: What could be worse than death? Double Death?

Hm. This dialogue is in my mind for a week now.

Weird kan?

Signing out

Friday, August 14, 2009

75 kg

I think badan i naik.

Maybe ** kg's kot.

I used to be a ** kg. Uhuu.

Need to jog la. Tp im in a dillema. Will take a while to pick myself back.

Ooo. Haffizie text.

Gosh u got no idea how much im thinking of him.

Love is so Harsh. Urgh

Apa2 pun nak jog. Im really really fat la.

Feel like a pig. Its already enough with the swine flu thing.


Oink. Ciao. Oink.

p.s : 2 more months and its a year.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

onu, twos, tres ;)


Im not gonna call it stupid. Seriously.

But we all know they are!

See what i mean. I think this is me tomorrow.

Oh btw, i saw a friends pic.

She was making out with her bf.

Im happy for her, really.

Im just missing the feeling.

Im to fat. Hmm.

Move on.
p.s: thank u nora.

Nadia Mishmore

Someone i just knew this year.

Happy birthday.

Will text you around, lets see. Hm.

Tengah hari la. Btw.

Happy Birthday Nadia Mishmore.

Hope to see soon again. :)

isn't it cool if this was her bday present. haish.

p.s : rindu kat aiman. hu.


Esok. Esok. Esok. Kena.

Kena bagi gambar to Chibby.

Hunt Shiva down

Study. And i mean Literally Study.

Oh man its gonna be hard.

Missing Mommy and my Mom.

Does that make sense?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baby you got back.

"I like Big Butts and i cant lie"

Its all bout MC Hammer baby ;)

to much picture to upload. so will only upload the ones that i love.


Ok lets start. With 07.08.09 .

Our Secret Garden.

Thats what we do best. Eh?

So la la.

Comel gila benda alah ni.

"The best is at our moments" - Anonymous.

p.s : I miss you, so much. The one with me for so long. Time is frozen with you.

Next, is my 1st outing with Kirby.

Give me a K.I.R.B.Y

Date: 08.08.09

Lets start with the picto's

The best way to eat it. "Slurpppp"

There is three steps to eating this. It includes evil laugh n "sexy" eyes.

Peekaboo. I see you.

My fav. pic. The face on Isaura is priceless.

Meet Celine, Farhana, Me and Natalia.

And hello there people.

Isaura was the best, she really made my day.

p.s : I love you, it was the best day and i thank you for that.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tired. Sleepy

Wanna blog so bad.

But haven't transferred the photos yet. Maybe tomorrow.

And by the way. Its rubber duck.

Im not stupid. Just like to call it chicken.

Leave at rest people.

Missing Rizal Affendy and Muhammad Haffizie.

Its officially a year n i miss u.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Lets do the Macarana!

Today Updates:

The proposal, 1++ Pictures With Ani, Played with a rubber chicken!

The Proposal was so sweet, reminded me of Devil's Wear Prada thou right?
Btw, Ryan Reynolds is oh my god! *Fanning face*
Ladies be prepared for the smokin' ace!

Pictures all over the place, need to upload it soon. Remind me.

Yea, had a rubber chicken in my bag for a whole day
Had tons of stupid fun with it. Nat wants to kill me, but who cares its Firdaus's
so i will enjoy it as much as one.

Pictures will be uploaded soon. By the way.

Have u any idea how fun is a rubber chicken is?

p.s : The pic is for Nat. Haha

Friday, August 7, 2009

Lesson On Muffins

Lets begin our lesson today

Get to know each of our muffins today

Beware : They are each different flavor

1,2,3 Hello Kirby

The motherly mother who will scream SHUT THE FUCK UP!
She is the ice topping of every muffin, who will beware
swear to your face. So, Don't FUCKING mess with her. Oh yea. ;)

2morrow. We will learn some1 new.

Another flavour.


Tengah tunggu Cik Nora.


Masih mennuggu ....

And looking for the Sims 3. Where is it! Its getting frustrating i tell ya

Searching for it. ugh.

Missing What She Had

"Was and am in love with someone who will never been mine, just for the reason i pushed him long time ago when we had something to cherish for. And to think i was smart to never let it go. And now its gone forever, and missing him is the only thing i could do. A year has gone by, yet finding him and wishing for what we had will ever come back is foolish. Stupid and foolish, he will never come back. I am sorry my dear. It was my mistake and yours. Yours to know me"

For you.

A Boring Friday

Its 3.32 pm and i haven't showered yet.

Stink like a pig, cause of the stupid fire drill. Curse it!

Oh yes. I am a stink-o baby. Smell me.

Today dear Miss Isaura brought her "have to die for muffins"

they are absolutely scrumptious! haha. look at my words!

"Scrumptious". Jangan main2 i jarang guna this words!

It was way better than the picture, man

Its my guilt plesure babeh.

Im thinking of her being my chef soon when i get rich. haha ;)

Thank You Beef Jerky for the Wonderful Muffins!

Oh yea, btw.

made some changes on the blog.

And dad! If your reading this. which i know you will,

I need this :[

By the way did i tell u about the stupid fire drill?

Oh yea, there was a fire drill.

It was stupid.

The End

Something Used To be

New Alert!

2nd Post in a day!

My ex, Mr. M called from outta of the blue!

We haven't contacted each other for nearly a year, n here he is on my phone add.

Where he used to be.

I guess i gotta add Mr. M back to the phone eh?

Come to think of it, its nice to have someone remembering bout u ;)

So, to Mr. M.

Thank You

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Grand Openning

This is my Grand Opening Baby :)

Whoah, it feels like forever i tell you.

Anyways, will be posting as soon as i get on my feet.

Quite busy these days.

So dear readers, will be updating you soon.