Hey there. My name is Alia N. I am an ordinary person with some dark secrets and some dirty secrets.
I view this world in a cynical world, call me a pessimist I won't care.
Not pretty nor beautiful just another normal girl with some issues. She happens to have a blog, what else can I say?

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mak Cik Alia

This was drawn by one of my groupie during our 'lepak' session in Makbul


I hate myself for doing this. But oh well.

Mak Cik Alia. Oh yea thats me. With Pamela Anderson D++ BOOBS!


So whose going 2 the overdose gig? I know i am.
N its like on my exam week.
Im so fooling around. Oh well.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bad Movie - Jennifer's Body

This movie got its Huuuu Haaa's is because of Megan Fox.
Yes, chill guys. Megan Fox.
She was hot. (usual) n NAKED.

This is why 70% of the audience was men. MEN.
The movie, was bad. Relatively bad.

The kind of movie thats cheesy,crappy n etc.
But Amanda Seyfried acting was good.

Like really good. But to bad, the audience pays more attention to Megan Slu..Fox

Sad. But really she was the main character, but is over shadowed by Megan Hoo...Fox.

Rating : 3.5/10

p.s : Please do listen to the track on the movie, its nice.

Bleeding Toe

I was running down the stair then i hit my toe to the cabinet opposite
of the stairs. My toe was bleeding so bad. Gosh.

Thank god, its ok. But its still in pain. No strap shoes for me, i guess.

Gosh today was math paper. Thank god i can still do it. *fuh*
N school just launch the Book Fest. God bored listening to the government preach on how book is important yada yada. Is so boring.

Did u know, we r the only country that have tax on books. BOOKS!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I hate math since i was standard 3.

Im going 2 repeat it so that it will b remember by all.

I hate math since i was standard 3.
This post is dedicated for Math paper tomorrow. Yes. Tomorrow!
Fail? Of course!

When i was standard 3, my first impression on math was
"Why there is so much number? (cries"

Failing is a must. Esp in Math. Its shocking i got an A, for my PMR math paper.
Will i get an A, for SPM? Oh i hope.
Need to study harder. Haish.

Oh well,

The Question for Today : Can Man and Women just be friends?

I disagree, based on experience man and women will always have the secret crush with each
other even thou they r friends. Its like that movie, When Harry Meet Sally.

But that me, what bout my dear readers? What do u think?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kena Cakar :"(

My cat as usual tidur atas katil, she was all manja2.
N i was busy doing something.

Instead of giving the rub she wants, i just pat on her head.
She started to merajuk, sit on a corner.

Few times it looks at me with her big blue eyes.
Aww :")

Then i nak gosok, she mula gigit and cakar.
Habis merah n mcm bengkak.
She is mad. :(


Oh plus, my phone .... NEW phone.
Was thrown like 5 feet away from me.

Tough luck?


This was way before Twilight even existed.

This is The Kills, one of my ULTIMATUM band.
Awesome. Any music-holic please listen

Only the best
Cn u believe i wanted 2 smoke cause of her.

She is Smoking man.

Presenting ;

The Kills - Black Balloon.

RM 10

I am selling AAR tickets for RM 10.

Please contact or emailed to this email address


Please please. ASAP :)



Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I had an awesome day today with Elaine and Chibby

Just awesome.
Ordered a few stuff. Hehe. Online Shopping
Chibby to bought a red dress.

Its shocking weih! She never bought a dress before.
Like omg. She will surely look pretty in it ;)

So well im back broke. As usual. Ok cant wait to go to Brunei.
Maybe will hit the Jackpot there.

My god. Online Shopping is geting to me. Fuck.
Oh well, n best yet. I got exam tommorrow.


Oh btw,
My friend is selling tickets to AAR concert. Please leave her a comment on her blog.

Elaine Chooi

Should Facebook be Banned from workplace?

The peeps maybe coming around lunch hour, gonna hang out in my room.
Haish. I need to clean it man.
Its all dusty, full of cat furs.

And the carpet use 2 black seems like its gonna turn into a white carpet.
I admit, i am a slob. HUGE slob.
Oh well.
At least im gonna do the spring cleaning.
But first! Lets procrastinate.

The Question Of the Day: Should Facebook Be Banned in Workplace?

I disagree, i think its a good way to expand ur social network.
What bout u? Give me your feedbacks and tell me why.

I really want to discuss this abit further :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

My dad is 3

If u didn't read my earlier blog, u should have known me n my dads convo

So tonight, we were supposed to have a family dinner
but instead we sat 'lepak' at the house

These are the randoms convo ;

Dad was looking directly at his Iphone.
Dad: Cats!
Alia: ______
Dad: Cats.
Alia: What r u doing?
Dad: Cats!
Alia: OMG! Poyo nyer! Just because u have a voice recognizance
Dad: Buwahaha.

Second random cono:
Dad playing with Iphone games.

Alia: I bet i can beat u
Dad : Lame!
Alia : Seriously!
Dad: Ok, nah!
Alia : *plays with excitement*
Dad : How much?
Alia : 135?
Dad: Lame! 120! Looooserrr. I got something 4 u. *fart*
Alia : Ewwww. *Throws pillow*
Dad: Buwahah

p.s : u spin my whole world into happiness. Thank u dad :)

Updates on Bday

Status Update :

This is special edition updates, u gonna missed it folks ;)
Well today is my BDAY

So lets sing a Happy Bday Song and Hand my presents!

On Sunday, got back my pc and went online till 3 am
People started giving wishes around 11 pm

Thank You so much guys.

Slept around 3 am. They still giving me wishes, gosh Facebooks never sleep
Then on Monday school as usual.

My Bday was on Monday. ( sucks huh?)
Better yet, i got exam on the day

Hafiz Dzul : Taking exam papers on ur bday should be a crime. Right?

I would never agree more

Got a thousand wishes from friends if i was gonna list them, it will go forever.
But special to all Gama's and Alfa's and er, Sigma's :DD

Hadiah bila?

Woman and Ciggarattes : )

In relative to this, I "don't" smoke

Social Smokers

But i wonder, what do men think of women who smokes?

I think it is liberating, confident and far more sexier than u think

Please give me ur feedbacks :)

p.s : This is dedicated to Shan Yu ;)

Movies : )

Meet Quentin Tarantino

My favourite director.

He can direct me, whenever he want ;)

God, watching Inglorious Basterd was worth the 10 bucks.

I wont mind, paying 20 bucks just to get the tickets. I am serious.
He is that god :)

Here is some of his works:

Kill Bill
Kill Bill Vol. 2
Pulp Fiction
Planet Terror - *****
Death Proof
Once upon a time in New Mexico
Inglorious Basterd

If u have watch all of them, and a few others. Than Kudos to u!

He is THE greatest and brilliant director allive

Steven Spielberg. Who?

Kudos To Quentin Tarantino
My awesome celeb this month :)

Wishes ;')

This is for all the wishes i receive and all the compliments i recieve ;)

I love all u guys

To bad i wont have any bday party.
Kesian kan i?

Well at least i have my friends ;)
Ouh, the chicas.

Thank u all.

Ever so much

p.s : i feel like jumping when i saw ur text. :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Isnt it cute!


I havent use a pc for nearly a week,or more. Oh btw readers,.my blog in under RENOVATION so b patient k? :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Come Home - One Republi

This song for someone, very dear 2 me.What a irony, 'dear 2 me' he always call me that. Dear. Haish Alia. Let him go. His not it. 'Ur name is written everywhere in my world'

Thursday, October 22, 2009


"Alia, when eating hotdogs. Start by playing with the head with your tongue... Then lick the underside a lot before putting it in your mouth. You better not let your teeth touch it. And that my friend is how people in france eat hotdogs." Hafiz Dzul. Meet my bestfriend,he knows i dig this stuff :)

Words from a smoker

I need something sweet 2 comfort me.Anyone nak belanja cake? caramel? :)

Yo U Ho

:) i miss my bitch. Didnt c her 4 four monthg. :( Ps. I havent talk 2 him for 2 months. Urgh. Let it go.Let it go.Let it go. Haish. Luck form four!

Monday, October 19, 2009


I feel desperate. Words frm Gerard Butler ; ur desperatly asking me if u sound desperate. That line keeps popping in my mind. Oh n yea,this dude reminds me of Eddy Nazry. Will tell who,as soon as i tell the story 2 Elaine :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I just had my first ciggy 2day : )

Ok so people, does anyone have Wong The Thongs number?

Im thinking to sticking to it. ;)

Teach me woman!

Im wanna be one of them ;)


This is matter is not solve.

Not until i found my "D" Dress

Updates Yo!

Nats BBQ part, Ani's Dinner Party, Library with the Chicks, Outing with Elaine

So anyway, let me tell u people the updates. Its been a week.
Oh well, u people love me :)

There was this BBQ Party with Nat. It was awesome.
Went back around 11.30. Pictos are with Elaine Chooi :)

We were both dripping wet.Well food was great. Everything was great.

Random convo :

Darren : Dindnt u know, i got chicks left n right

Alia : Left n right? I thought it was only on the right?

Darren : Both!

Alia : You dont like girls on top?

Firdaus : I like girls on top ;)

Random Convo 2:

Darren : This shit is soo crazy!

Yaya : TET! TET! TET! U said the bad word!! Poop!!

All : HAHA!

Then on the next day, i got a Dinner Party with Ani

Came back around 12 am. It was a cool party Rafiqin,Aizaat, Nadia, Khalyf brother
was there to. Was fun :)

The next day, went shopping with Elaine Chooi :D
Saw some awesome shoes. N went to the Secret Garden
Omg she can really camwhore people!
Tried on this hot galdiator shoes. Oh god.

The one i tried was similiar to Gluseppe Zanatti (y)

So help me god

Its time to move on. Its wrong to fall some1 that
its not for u

Black : )

Well people, did u notice. My font are C O L O U R F U L : )

I realized how i hate it.

Im back basic, Baby ; )


Is my bitch now

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh Baby, I am sooo TURN ON!

Oh my god

Please Oh God, Let This Be In My shoe Collection

This is Gluseppe Zannotti.

Oh baby Marry me!!

Blue Angel - Gluseppe Zannotti

Look at that. Oh baby :DD

The details. The details.

Black Mistress - Gluseppe Zannotti

Oh gee. Im so TURN ON!
*Fanning Face*

Gladiators - Gusseppe Zannotti

Rawr :)

The imperfection.

So basically at the end of my shoe shopping, i was more turn on than ever.



The model of the phone is P1i, n i just got it

So this is like 2nd bday present from dad.

Isnt my dad awesome ;)

No la, bt yea. Thank u n of course u know i love u to death :DD

I just notice, i am an easy person to get turn off.
Seriously. One slip from a guy, n everything gets turn off.



Updates for the WHOLE week :)

So well, lemme start on Thursday.
On Thursday i got into a small fight with grandparents. (alia being a diva)

Then both on Thursday n Friday i missed school cause i overslept (slept around 3 am )
Went to Jo's in both days, n met Aunty Cindy

She gave me this mask. OMG!

I had an AMAZING night with them. Oh gee.
My whole face felt brand new. Well Sort off.

On Saturday went to Jalan TAR, to buy Ani her bday present.
A tudung. Hmm nice. Oh well

Almost everyone already saw that, so no need 4 me 2 post the pic

Then on Sunday had a WONDERFUL lunch at Nat's bday

N this is both for the belated girls


To my to die for girls!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ciggy And S__ !

Did told u guys?
Thati find ciggarates are sexy.
Esp when ur half naked and had a body like Megan Fox.
Thats what i WANT!

A movie byAngelina Jolie. :)
p.s : This will be the last time i going 2 change my layout. :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I want to _______

I want to blog so bad, im openning this n i forgotten what i was supposed to write about

Gimme a topic people : )

Oh this is especially dedicated to Isaura:

Im sorry for ur lost, and i hope ur doing ok dear, ily :)

p.s: missing u :)