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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Should Facebook be Banned from workplace?

The peeps maybe coming around lunch hour, gonna hang out in my room.
Haish. I need to clean it man.
Its all dusty, full of cat furs.

And the carpet use 2 black seems like its gonna turn into a white carpet.
I admit, i am a slob. HUGE slob.
Oh well.
At least im gonna do the spring cleaning.
But first! Lets procrastinate.

The Question Of the Day: Should Facebook Be Banned in Workplace?

I disagree, i think its a good way to expand ur social network.
What bout u? Give me your feedbacks and tell me why.

I really want to discuss this abit further :)


ban?! no way! love it!
and people need facebook to work.
even my boss know what i doing when i'm working.. wait.. that's bad ><"

Of cos not! When we r too stress out we shld take out time out to surf facebook =P

Al : Haha, couldnt agree more. Its for more exposure and expanding network. haha u better be careful with ur boss, his on to u man ;P

Kristin : 1st, thanks for dropping by, n i couldnt agree more. Some might say spa is best stress relief yet for others its facbook :P

The reason companies firewall block FB is coz there are alot of people who are obsessed with it. I see some mentioned bout FB releasing stress during work, but honestly, how many of FB addicts can actually resist looking through FB for friend's updates or even playing the games, or updating their own status?

Most corporate company will block FB coz it's just not efficient to not block it. After all, a company's success is measured by its efficiency.

*p/s: Even after all the logic I've said, I still wish my company had not block FB. =.=

Oh btw, you got a nice topic for this post. If you actually wrote bout your thoughts and discussed bout it, perhaps from different perspectives, such as the one who supports and the ones who disagrees that FB should be banned in workplace, you will indeed have a very good post, and might get quite a few comments.

Just my 2cents. =)

Thank you so much, in some ways i find u right. I think people do obsessed about Facebooks, bt in some ways its their choice. Its like a drug, either u can be addicted or u choose not 2.

And thank you for ur suggestion, i think i will do just that.

Hey!! I meant to contact you through ur blog tapi selama ni tak boleh access your blog. Don't know why. Anyways happy sweet 16th. I know I'm a day late and I already wished you on your facebook. Oh yeah about the facebook thing...No, I don't think it should be banned because I'm a facebook-a-holic. Haha. I cannot not check up on my friends through this social networking site...it feels like being left out. BTW, nice layout....:)

Aww yea, some ppl cant access my blog i guess its because of the HMTL codes. Im sorry :(
Awww thankies very very much :DD
Its ok, wishes are always welcomed esp good ones. Haha. I agree, i know exactly what u mean. If its like a week without facebook i would try everything 2 check even the smallest thing. Hehe. :P

I guess most of us are all facebook-e-holic.
Yup :P

FB is a necessity now! Banning it will cause a strike among the employees.

Thx 4 dropping by my blog, keep up ur good work here.

Actually most company already blocked Facebooks from their employee. Its a sad thing, according to them it reduces the performance of thei emloyees n what nots.

But i disagree. N thank u so much :)

Facebook are important to help our staff and students to learn how to 'communicate' in an online environment. facebook blocked

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