Hey there. My name is Alia N. I am an ordinary person with some dark secrets and some dirty secrets.
I view this world in a cynical world, call me a pessimist I won't care.
Not pretty nor beautiful just another normal girl with some issues. She happens to have a blog, what else can I say?

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Singapore so far.

Last time i been here was like a few years back. N it was so totally different now
First thing i notice in S'gpore was how clean the bloody country is!
So bloody clean weih. N im not kidding u. I dont see any bungkus makanan,plastik,wrapper,tisu, paper. Or wtv crap here.
wtf? haha.
N the 2nd thing i notice was a sign when i enter my Atuk Wahab's house was a sign.
A karaoke lounge with the sign "Talk COCK Sing Song"
I was laughing myself 2 death when i saw that. What the hell.
More updates when i get back online.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This is a really short update, im busy n these days. My line aint working.
N im like WTF!

My dad was like "Buwaha, good la spm coming what!

Babi betul. Damn Strymx. F the spelling.

sayang sayang sayang. HAHA.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stud Galore

Meet Stud Galore, this is my bakal 35th shoe in my collection.

Im restraining myself not to buy it. But i will.

Baby u turn me on ;)

Sexy, i know. :)

Life is Short.

This is a review for 2012. So bare with me.
I don't think the world will end at 2012, the Mayan was wrong. Yes.
But i do think the world will end, the world is already at the verge. So when will never know.

But until that day comes, let me just ramble bout some stuff. Bare with me, let me ramble away.

So the movie is about apocalypse. Gee. Its a really an eye opening movie i can say.
But overall the movie was ok. Not fantastic, but the kind of movie u can watch. So go.

But the stupid thing about the movie is, u can still have cleaver remarks when the world is ending
The world is ending, u DONT need to have smart remarks. Sheesh.

Cried when the wave hit White House. Haish. Was a scary movie, thats me. Idk bout u guys :)

Rating: 5/10

p.s: thumbs up for the cgi :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

People do come back from the DEAD


I was looking thru some movie, today. N just realize.

2012. Is released! Get ur tickets people, its one the movies i been waiting for.
Some put it under the genre of Horror, some even put it under Truth.

Whatever the genre is, its the movie i dont want to miss.
N please, i hope it wont have those stupid cheap CGI things going on.


Im watching in on Saturday! Yeay :)

The end of the world? 2012.

Other than 2012, im dying to watch Avatar. I waited 3 months from these since
i saw their trailer. Click here

It has the most superb CGI n motion cinematography.
I think it will be the next Transformer, in a more Sci- Fic kind of way

What do u think. Please do catch it on the cinema soon, its one of the movies u
will regret missing.

Avatar, plot click :)

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

People do come from the DEAD!
Heath Ledger did, he made a movie while at it.

Nah. Joking. This was his last Movie before his death.
The genre is something like fantasy.
If u like Charlie n The Chocolate Factory (New) u will like this 2.

Its something story ish like. But the best thing about it. AWESOME.
Actors are in it.

Hmm lemme list it down, all the hunkies eh?

Jude Law, Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp , Collin Farrel are in it.

Tell which other movies, can list them all in one time? :)

Here is a trailer for u :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Love, Actually

I miss this, i want this.

Can i have it with you and only you. The one i see at night, and wake up on in the morning
Gee, i miss being like this. Its been a year since this last happen. Sad.

I miss feeling the tender touch and feeling i cant explained.
The feeling only can b expressed by music, listen 2 it as hard as u listen 2 me

N i miss, writing stupid love notes in my book notes. Those stupid writing and drawings.
Every time i look at it, i think of u. Gee. U make me fly high, baby ;)

Mind me, im a chic. Just let me be. :)

p.s : Kirby, Chibby, Ling, Dee Dee who else?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Starring at Blogspot.

Gee, Alia sakit still wants to blog! Well, since heard Nat earned 50 sen. Mcm nak blog pulak.
Well if im here to blog about my day, u will kill yourself. Honestly. Tidur, makan ubat, tidur, makan.

Yup. Thats about it, minus the visit 2 the doctor.


Gee, im getting less popular by the day. Curse it. Im getting even more boring eh? Oh gee.
Im loosing my readers! *runs frantically around the house* NOOO!! :'(

Aish. Tak sabar nak pergi Singapore and Brunei :)
So any nice place in Singapore u guys wanna recommend to me? : DD

Rolling here sick

Im dying 2 blog, bt on the other im am dying. Gosh,been sneezing n coughing 4 four days. Sheesh. For 4 days,my only fren ws my ipod. Death cab for cutie, beyonce, n all time low. Been listening 2 them for 4 days straight. I bet it will b stuck in my head soon. Death cb 4 cutie,is the bst music 2 listen when ur sick. P.s i lost my voice,so dont bother calling me

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sneeze and Coughs.

I havent updated about "MY" life for quite a while. Its always bout random subjects.
So hello people, will be updating here. Now.

Updates for Past Few Weeks ;)

New Ipod crashed, Jogging days, Exams, Library "studying" with the peeps, Him.

Lemme start with chapter 1, my new ipod crashed around 8 am. :(
I checked with the Itune, n it says my Ipod is corrupted. Told dad, he was shock. A bit mad, bt it
ease later on. Plus i was sick!

So on Friday got to run to Apple Center in OU, just because of that.
Thank god it was ok. *FUH*

So few weeks before exam started, i jog for few miles in the park. Haha.
(Lepas raya makin naik). Something weird happen, i dont know bout u guys, but
this RARELY happen 2 me.

U know what they tell u bout women, a very competitive creature. Oh yea.
I am the proof of that subjects. So there i was jogging.

N there was this mid 30's lady, jogging faster than me. Then she turned n look at me n
gave me this "I win" smile. I was like "wth?!"
So well, i went faster than her. Then we were neck 2 neck, then she gave
this LOOK! seriously. omg. -.-' so then i quit. n just ignored her.

I was like wtf. -.-"

Bout him, i think im so use 2 him in my life it really kills me 2 say thing such as ILY.

God, i almost said this "I wish i could tell u how much...."

I starred for 5 minutes, n delete the whole thing. I cant bring myself to do it.
Maybe its not the time. Or maybe its just temporary, who knows.

Random Picts of the week :)

One of the studying moment, at the park?

I like this shot :)

Meet my partner in crime, Elaine Chooi

Haha, meet Amalina. Typical her :)

Amal, Wani and me :)

P.s 2 my friends : Loving u is easy because of ur presents, and u :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Napoleon Dynamite

Have u ever watch Napoleon Dynamite?

Remember Mr. Nerdy Napoleon?

I just realize something, i have a secret fetish or nerdy-ness.
Its not an insult. Trust me. I just like them.
Their shyness, their own passion for something.
I guess, in this world we find a spec of innocence as attractive.

This is something i dont tell my gf, how could i?
How could i even begin " I heart Nerds?"
Nah. Sometimes.

Money, Looks, Status or Power doesnt really shows anything.
Now days, these things can archive easily.

Innocent? Only few will archive this
N oh they can be really cute sometimes :)

p.s : Almost said "I Love u" to him. haish. ;"(

Asyik asyik, demam :"(

This is the third time demam.

N im sick of getting sick. 0O"

well after exam and this demam flys away, will b back blogging.

Urgh. Bed.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


"Since u been away, everything dont seem like it use 2 be. Cause i'm missing ur love, love"

This is my new status.

Oh if only he knows. Alia u r totally falling in love with the wrong person

RM 0.25

I just made RM 0.25 with Nuffnang :)

Awww. My first, quarter?


I dont know whether to be happy or what. But gee, for a first use. Thats good right?
Oh well. Thank U everybody : DD

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kinky Kids ;)

Went to Library after school, around 3.
Isaura wore this pink n i mean pink sweater. Sweet.

All picto's are with Elaine. Im just here to blog about some convo's.

Beware : 18sx ;)

Convo 1
Was asking Isaura about physics practise.

Isaura: Eh u already did 69!
Alia: Wait, we r still talking about the question right?
Laughed out loud.

Convo 2.

Isaura: Look at my dog, his name is _____
Alia: Awwww :")
Isaura: Elaine, look! (show pic)
Elaine: I dont like dogs.
Alia: She likes pussy.
Isaura: Haha!!

Convo 3
Earlier on Elaine did a pose on me, so i asked her.

Alia: Whats up with the stretch td?
Elaine: U la! U did the " I GOT THE THING" pose.
Alia: Well i do! (push boobs upwards)
Isaura: Yea me 2, not like u pancake.

Elaine: Hey i got the "THING" to!

(push chess higher)

Hysterical laughter.

Convo 4
(during lepak session in Burger King)
Firdaus playing with drumsticks.

Nat: I want to play that!
Alia: Wow. Nat wants to play with Firdaus's stick.

Firdaus stonned.

Nat: Aliaaaaaa!!

Elaine: See what i have 2 go thru. -.-"

Monday, November 2, 2009

1994's Cartoon

I was looking thru Flickr, n came across a sketch for the Ahhh!! Real Monster cartoons.
N i was like dude!

How bout a list of MY favourite cartoons.

N most of these are 1994's but hey. We r kids. Its amazing i still remember it!

First up. Is *drum rolls*

They were created during the 1994 and the show stopped on 1997.

Characters like Ickis, Krumm and Oblina are the main characterss.

Its an awesome shows. N defitelnely my favourite. Anyone who is a fan would know y.
Its so refreshing and new. Man. It was an awesome show. Y the show stopped is
unxplainned. Here is a reminder.

More click here

Please do tell me whats ur favourite cartoon show, during ur younger age

C.H.E.M.I.S.T.R.Y (failed!)

I know im going to fail my chemis paper, even thou the paper is not blank
I got no idea what i crapped inside. Well at least its not empty eh?

Sheesh did anyone told u that?

Oh yea. What else.

Haish. I want to shop before i go to Singapore.
So that i will looook goood there.

Yea ;)

Wanna Buy these dresses la..

By Red Ocaso.

By Dressierre

But i dont have enough MONEY!

Its all about MONEY. I dont want to be shallow but i want to have a rich husband soon.
Oh god, give me a rich hubby soon ;)