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I view this world in a cynical world, call me a pessimist I won't care.
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Friday, November 6, 2009

Napoleon Dynamite

Have u ever watch Napoleon Dynamite?

Remember Mr. Nerdy Napoleon?

I just realize something, i have a secret fetish or nerdy-ness.
Its not an insult. Trust me. I just like them.
Their shyness, their own passion for something.
I guess, in this world we find a spec of innocence as attractive.

This is something i dont tell my gf, how could i?
How could i even begin " I heart Nerds?"
Nah. Sometimes.

Money, Looks, Status or Power doesnt really shows anything.
Now days, these things can archive easily.

Innocent? Only few will archive this
N oh they can be really cute sometimes :)

p.s : Almost said "I Love u" to him. haish. ;"(


napoleon dynamite?
is it an old movie?
never heard of it actually.. =)


Yup. its quite an old movie. Bt its a bit slow. watched this like 3 years ago. haha nice movie la ; )

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