Hey there. My name is Alia N. I am an ordinary person with some dark secrets and some dirty secrets.
I view this world in a cynical world, call me a pessimist I won't care.
Not pretty nor beautiful just another normal girl with some issues. She happens to have a blog, what else can I say?

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kinky Kids ;)

Went to Library after school, around 3.
Isaura wore this pink n i mean pink sweater. Sweet.

All picto's are with Elaine. Im just here to blog about some convo's.

Beware : 18sx ;)

Convo 1
Was asking Isaura about physics practise.

Isaura: Eh u already did 69!
Alia: Wait, we r still talking about the question right?
Laughed out loud.

Convo 2.

Isaura: Look at my dog, his name is _____
Alia: Awwww :")
Isaura: Elaine, look! (show pic)
Elaine: I dont like dogs.
Alia: She likes pussy.
Isaura: Haha!!

Convo 3
Earlier on Elaine did a pose on me, so i asked her.

Alia: Whats up with the stretch td?
Elaine: U la! U did the " I GOT THE THING" pose.
Alia: Well i do! (push boobs upwards)
Isaura: Yea me 2, not like u pancake.

Elaine: Hey i got the "THING" to!

(push chess higher)

Hysterical laughter.

Convo 4
(during lepak session in Burger King)
Firdaus playing with drumsticks.

Nat: I want to play that!
Alia: Wow. Nat wants to play with Firdaus's stick.

Firdaus stonned.

Nat: Aliaaaaaa!!

Elaine: See what i have 2 go thru. -.-"


haha. thats how girls have fun when men are not around ;)

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