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Monday, November 2, 2009

1994's Cartoon

I was looking thru Flickr, n came across a sketch for the Ahhh!! Real Monster cartoons.
N i was like dude!

How bout a list of MY favourite cartoons.

N most of these are 1994's but hey. We r kids. Its amazing i still remember it!

First up. Is *drum rolls*

They were created during the 1994 and the show stopped on 1997.

Characters like Ickis, Krumm and Oblina are the main characterss.

Its an awesome shows. N defitelnely my favourite. Anyone who is a fan would know y.
Its so refreshing and new. Man. It was an awesome show. Y the show stopped is
unxplainned. Here is a reminder.

More click here

Please do tell me whats ur favourite cartoon show, during ur younger age


haha.. i cant really remember the cartoon back in those days..
too many cartoons la.. =P


i cant, bt i look it up. man there is a bunch dat i can still remember. this one of them. watching the video reminds me of those days :"(

good ol' time

haha..i dun rly like it..they're not pretteh..lol..but i like spongebob...haha and i miss pokemon!

pika pika chuuu! ><

haha comeeeeel

I really loved watching this show too! And rugrats and Hey Arnold! The good news is that they still show these shows...the bad news is that most people are sleeping when it's on after midnight.

Tau pun. But i was like so sad when they stop Ahh Monster. Ickie was soooo cute >< comel sgt. haish

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