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Thursday, November 12, 2009

People do come back from the DEAD


I was looking thru some movie, today. N just realize.

2012. Is released! Get ur tickets people, its one the movies i been waiting for.
Some put it under the genre of Horror, some even put it under Truth.

Whatever the genre is, its the movie i dont want to miss.
N please, i hope it wont have those stupid cheap CGI things going on.


Im watching in on Saturday! Yeay :)

The end of the world? 2012.

Other than 2012, im dying to watch Avatar. I waited 3 months from these since
i saw their trailer. Click here

It has the most superb CGI n motion cinematography.
I think it will be the next Transformer, in a more Sci- Fic kind of way

What do u think. Please do catch it on the cinema soon, its one of the movies u
will regret missing.

Avatar, plot click :)

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

People do come from the DEAD!
Heath Ledger did, he made a movie while at it.

Nah. Joking. This was his last Movie before his death.
The genre is something like fantasy.
If u like Charlie n The Chocolate Factory (New) u will like this 2.

Its something story ish like. But the best thing about it. AWESOME.
Actors are in it.

Hmm lemme list it down, all the hunkies eh?

Jude Law, Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp , Collin Farrel are in it.

Tell which other movies, can list them all in one time? :)

Here is a trailer for u :)


2012 is a must watch huh..
but its fully booked!

gee. kena book a week before start. but lucky me, watching it on Saturday X)

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