Hey there. My name is Alia N. I am an ordinary person with some dark secrets and some dirty secrets.
I view this world in a cynical world, call me a pessimist I won't care.
Not pretty nor beautiful just another normal girl with some issues. She happens to have a blog, what else can I say?

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Updates on Bday

Status Update :

This is special edition updates, u gonna missed it folks ;)
Well today is my BDAY

So lets sing a Happy Bday Song and Hand my presents!

On Sunday, got back my pc and went online till 3 am
People started giving wishes around 11 pm

Thank You so much guys.

Slept around 3 am. They still giving me wishes, gosh Facebooks never sleep
Then on Monday school as usual.

My Bday was on Monday. ( sucks huh?)
Better yet, i got exam on the day

Hafiz Dzul : Taking exam papers on ur bday should be a crime. Right?

I would never agree more

Got a thousand wishes from friends if i was gonna list them, it will go forever.
But special to all Gama's and Alfa's and er, Sigma's :DD

Hadiah bila?


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