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I view this world in a cynical world, call me a pessimist I won't care.
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

I hate math since i was standard 3.

Im going 2 repeat it so that it will b remember by all.

I hate math since i was standard 3.
This post is dedicated for Math paper tomorrow. Yes. Tomorrow!
Fail? Of course!

When i was standard 3, my first impression on math was
"Why there is so much number? (cries"

Failing is a must. Esp in Math. Its shocking i got an A, for my PMR math paper.
Will i get an A, for SPM? Oh i hope.
Need to study harder. Haish.

Oh well,

The Question for Today : Can Man and Women just be friends?

I disagree, based on experience man and women will always have the secret crush with each
other even thou they r friends. Its like that movie, When Harry Meet Sally.

But that me, what bout my dear readers? What do u think?


*High 5* sama gang... XD
Thx for sellin' me de tickets... XD

No problem no problem. enjooooy eh : DD

oh gosh. thnk god, ada gang.

i love maths in high school..
but after uni, i hate it.. =P


Maths BEST! addmaths, LAAAGI BEST! xD

Whats wrong with u people. god. math sucks. bt add math im ok. maybe im just saying that cause i havent reach form 5 yet. die weih

I love math, add math & anything about number, statistic..But, when i in U, i doesn't like it as much as i like it where i'm at school..

haha. haish. relatively i hate anything with number, bt i prefer it more compare to chem which doesnt make any sense at all. at all.

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