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I view this world in a cynical world, call me a pessimist I won't care.
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Dad Acts Like 3.

Today's Update :)

A bit of studying, A bit of e______g and Dinner at Uncle's new house :)

So well did a bit of studying today. Amazing right. Haha.
But woke up a it late today. Around 12.
Aish. Ni sebab San and Nat la ni

U see, Sanford Lyndon James Reynolds Ethan ( im bragging, actuallf hafal his name)
has a hot Hawt date :)

Haha. So well end up sleeping at around 4.30 am
But when i went to bed, doesnt feel like falling asleep at all.

Oh well. So well, went to Jasema around 5. Dad came around 5.30.

At the house had this stupid convo:

I got the new ipod touch

No shit weh!

Yeah shit! Buwahaha.

End convo.

Then packed up. Went to Uncle's house in DK.
Was cool. Mak Su set up the whole table and everything. It was nice :)

Makan Tom Yam. Walapun tak p___a.

Had some more stupid convo:

Mak Su:
Do u want some apam balik?

Tak mau la.

Dia x payah. Org puasa tak puasa, kena makan kurang kan?

Oh great dad, u just had to tell everyone.

Thats what im here for.

After dinner convo:

Alia :
Abah, from the back ur hair looks like Marge Simpson la,

R u running out of ideas, man!

Oh come on, im being serious la.

I can do better than u

Yea right.

*start to play with my skin under the chin*

Bodoh betul! *pukul dgn newspaper*

See. Buwahaha.

See. My dad is 3 i tell u.
He even did put this goo on my hand n cried " EE taik."
God. I tell u. His like my brother man

p.s : dad, u rock my socks man : )


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