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Monday, December 7, 2009

Malaysian n Donations

I was looking for a subject to write. N then, it came to me. So there i was money-less, since i went crazy shopping in Rasta on Sunday. I got like 5 bucks in wallet, passed by a magazine shop. Wanted to buy a magazine, bt didnt since my grandad called me the minute i went 2 cash register. So I was like, "Urgh, mahal betul magazine2 sekarang"

So didnt buy the magazine la, then went to Santai. Sat there for a couple of minutes then saw this boy, he had the cutest face ever. So innocent. (Hope he stays that way when he grows up, innocent.)
He wore baju melayu, with jeans and songkok. Was holding a bag on his left shoulder, n a donation card.

He went to a 1st table, mutters something 2 a father with his family. N the family had like 6/7 members on the table including him. He ignored every word the kids says, n like tottaly halau the kid. My god. What an ass man.

Then he went to my table. I felt so guilty since i had only like 5 bucks. My my. So he said,
Him, Me
"Derma utk ....... kalau sumbangan pun boleh"


Then he starts to walk off.

"Jap jap, im so sorry tapi saya ada 5 ringgit jer. Nah"

He smiles n walk away, went to the next table.

So kesian the kid, people keep doing to kids. Dont they have any sense of humanity. I mean its like 9.30 pm stg, when the kids suppose 2 b relaxing or sleeping instead walking table to table to ask for donation. This kid had the saddest face ever, n i dont think kids should do this thing. Esp todays generation.

So much for maju eh? Right. God, n this is only a small piece of the world.

Yes, the world is fucking unfair.

N for people out there, is there any problem in taking out ur money n give it to the needy?

They NEED money, thats why they called them the NEEDY. Consiglo?


yep. kadang² ada yang langsung tak layan siap suruh blah lagi. ala kalau tade duit sangat, singgit pun ok apa. dia tipu/scam ke apa, itu dia ngan Allah

percaya tak jumlah makanan yang dibazirkan dalam dunia nih boleh support kemiskinan sehingga 2 kali ganda?

Nesca : Betul i tottaly agree with u, i dont get it with some people. Bagi 2/3 ringgit pun susah ker? My god. If dia tipu u 2/3 ringgit pun shouldnt make a big deal out of it, its 2/3 ringgit, sikit jer!

Aidi : I langsung x terkejut, thats human. Waste much. Aish. Sad reality

$$$ needer..hehe

A smile from SJ =)

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