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Friday, December 11, 2009

The Princess and The Frog

I am not a big fan of genre. Not really. Only when forced or asked then im ok. Oh yea, n free 2.

So currently in Brunei, and with my 2 small brothers.
Of kids, would like animation right?
My mom thinks its a good movie.
BUT, i dont dig musical animation.
Scratch that, im not a fan of any musical at all.
Yes, even Grease. I know JohnTravolta looks dashing in it.But who cares?
It might seem shallow, bt i think musicals are a bit gay. Yes, kids. GAY.
Got a problem with that. But 4 this animation is not that bad. Since its not so simple as it looks.
We heard, that when the frog kiss the Princess, he will turn into a prince.
But this movie, it has a twist.
Not an ordinary fairytale, indeed.
My ratings are 4.5/10 :)
p.s : Hate Brunei,misses KL alot. damn


hey i just watched it too! nice one

A smile from SJ =)

How was it? Man, the cinema was pack with kids. -.-

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