Hey there. My name is Alia N. I am an ordinary person with some dark secrets and some dirty secrets.
I view this world in a cynical world, call me a pessimist I won't care.
Not pretty nor beautiful just another normal girl with some issues. She happens to have a blog, what else can I say?

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Ok im so excited! I got my stupid damn line back. Bloody hell!

About DAMN time man! :)

Weee, so i got millions of things 2 update. Chill Alia Chill. *Taking deep breath*

1st thing first i bought the shoes n i got a very cute belt 2 :)

Omg, they look like a boot. Man trust me, they r sexy baby ;)

Elaine Chooi, did a montage on it. (haha) But i glad she did ;)

Next thing on the shopping list is this baby ;)

This makes me look slim kan.

Rawr ;)

So this is the shorter version, but what do u think? Long or Short?

2nd thing is my weekend in Singapore.
Mind me pictures are still with my aunty.

The trip was so-so. Since i had a short time, i didnt fully enjoy the place.
But what i can say bout the place is, its so beautiful!
Esp, Orchard Road. Since Christmas is coming the place is lit up with beautiful lights!

Oh yea btw, i personally saw OLI PETTIGREW!

He is so cute (gaga). Yes, Singapore bertabur dgn mamat comel. Oh yea baby.

But i was more excited coming back home, rather than going there.


awww oli.....
got pic oh him??

haha no darl. i think he was with his wife. bt he was sitting next 2 me, on orchard road. man did he look yummy!

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